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This site will contain links to pages that have a mystery theme to them.

I am still building it. My main favorite character is Sherlock Holmes

This site was just started. I intend to put links to different men who played Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

You will be able to find podcast, games, graphics, wallpaper, books, videos and more to your favorite characters.

You can listen to a podcast at work or anywhere of Sherlock Holmes series a half hour series at a time.

I just recently read that Sherlock Holmes was a Catholic and later became an agnostic who believed in Spiritualism (the occult). As a Christian I do not support this view. The movies that I have seen have no mention of Spiritualism as a valid source to study or resolve any of his mystery cases. Legends are spoke of for murders but in the end a human being is the source of the mystery killings or ghostly intrigue.

So forget the private man and enjoy the character of Sherlock Holmes and his mystery cases.


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