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Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett

David Burke as Dr Watson-Earlier TV series


Jeremy Brett & Edward Hardwicke as Dr Watson

Jeremy Brett

Colin Jeavons as Inspector Lestrade

Rosalie Williams as Mrs Hudson

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I like Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes but I felt he was often too loud especially when calling for Mrs Hudson. He seemed to act like he was better than anyone else at times. He would gesture with his hand in a very flamboyant way to make Dr Watson read letters. Holmes did these thing in many of the stories but the characters did them slightly different. Rathbone and Brett made Dr Watson the brunt of their jokes at time. It was built into the story, I did not like this. Brett seemed the most arrogant of the players snd Rathone the most conceited.

Brett was very handsome and looked the part of a private investigator. The producers for that TV series made it very suspenseful and interesting. Jeremy Brett played his part well.

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