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My comments on Miss Marple series on BBC

I have seen "The Body in the Library" by Agatha Christie and some other episodes of Miss Marple, I love these British mysteries.

I was very disappointed to see that a number of them had "lesbian" relationships in the story. I questioned why Agatha Christie would put this "gay" stuff in her stories written so long ago. At the end of "The Body in the Library" the lesbians kiss passionatley which I found very revolting. I did a search and found out that "The Body in the Library" was not intended to have lesbian lovers in the story. I took this quote off of Wikipedia:

"In 2004, ITV adapted the novel in a version which took various liberties with the plot of the novel, including changing the identity of the murderer and introducing a lesbian affair. It starred Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, James Fox as Colonel Bantry, Joanna Lumley as Dolly Bantry and Ian Richardson as Conway Jefferson"

So don't believe everything you see. The plot was altered in this story and I am sure this was not the only story that "various liberties" were take. The Body in the Library was also made with Joan Hickson and there is no mention of a lesbian affair this verion is more true to Agatha Christie.

Many people have played Miss Marple among them:
Margaret Rutherford-classic black and white movie
Joan Hickson played in a series 1984
Julia McKenzie short series on PBS 2009 and others check

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