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Sherlock Holmes

TV Series from
Oct.1954 to Oct. 1955

Ronald Howard/British Actor

Ronald Howard & H.Marion Crawford as Dr. Watson

Archie Duncan as Inspector Lestrade

Complete Episode Series-3 CD's

This complete set has 3 DVD's of half hour episodes that where on TV. This is a Legend Series of Television Classics.

List of televised episodes

Archive.Org Some of Ronald Howard TV Sherlock Holmes episodes. Download for free or watch on line The Case of Lady Beryl, The Case of the Belligerent Ghost (very funny)The Case of the Shy Ballerina (very funny) and more.

You can also watch a number of these half hour programs with Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes for free. Register & download at Veoh TV

You can do a search with the program, save to your library and more. People upload their movies.

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Sherlock Holmes
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