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Sherlock Holmes Links

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle True Story of Dr Joseph Bell
Sherlock Holmes/Read stories online
221B Baker ST
Sherlock Holmes International
Sherlock Homles/Mixed
Authur Conan Doyle-Holmes creator
Author Conan Doyle's Chronicles
Everything Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Activity Book
Sherlock Holmes-Movie List
Microft/Sherlock Holmes Brother

Sherlock Holmes More Links
S.Holmes game & other links.
Sherlock Holmes Sights/Sounds
Sherlock Holmes-Games
Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper
Jeremy Brett Wallpaper
Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper
Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes-Game
Amazon Movies you can buy new & used
Sherlock Holmes Graphics

Some people who played Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson

SH-Arthur Wontner/Google pictures
SH-Arthur Wontner/Sherlock Films
SH Basil Rathbone/DW Nigel Bruce
SH-Basil Rathbone/DW-Nigel Bruce
SH-Christopher Lee
SH-Jeremy Brett/DW David Burke & H.Marion Crawford
SH-John Stanley-Radio Archives
DW-Ian Martin - First four episodes George Splevin (Wendell Holmes)- Dr. Watson Remaining episodes. John Stanley sounds very much like Basil Rathbone.
SH-John Stanley-Books on line
SH-Peter Cushing
SH-Raymond Massey/DW Athole Stewart
SH-Reginald Owen /DW Warburton Gamble
SH-Robert Downey Jr/DW-Jude Law
SH Ronald Howard/DW H.Marion Crawford
SH-William Gillette
SH-William Gillette-Pictures

Other Links

Sherlock Holmes Adventure Podcast
Sherlock Holmes Audio Books
Agatha Christie
Internet Archive-Download free movies
Old Time Radio Show Links
Radio Detective
Classic Radio
Old Time Radio Broadcast
Old Time Radio-Jack Webb
Old Time Radio-Sherlock Holmes
Old Time Radio Detectives
Old Time Radio Mysteries
Old Time Radio Nostalgia
Wizzard.TV-Mixed Podcast
Mystery Theatre Podcast
Sherlock Holmes/The Whistler & more.

About Podcast

You can get many for free online to download and transfer to your MP3 player or just listen online to the radio broadcast.

If you have a Zune MP3 player they have a feature in their software to search for podcast

Basil Rathbone
Ronald Howard
Jeremy Brett
Movies & Podcast
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(Website will not have all characters that played Sherlock, only my favorite ones will be on the pages with links to the others.)

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